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The Silly-Theory

It's highly possible that I am ageing in reverse, Benjamin Button-style. The evidence is conclusive; when I was a kid I took everything seriously, from choosing what shirt to wear, to planning my future.

Then life happened- and ever so slowly the idea that most things can't be planned or controlled has penetrated my somewhat thick skull. Sometimes I still get seduced by the joys of making a 5 year bullet point plan, before I remember from experience, that this is as effective a way to pin down my fate as throwing darts at the stars.

It took me awhile to learn to go with things, rather than working so hard to make them conform to my original vision, which frankly, is something which should be improved upon or adjusted, rather than clung to with mule-headed determination. But that's just me!

The art of letting things go and the practice of being silly may be two of the most important components to happiness. Or at least to mine. I've learned most of this from my amazing friends, who take being themselves to an elevated art-form. This life is not a runway show: something short, where the way you look and what people think are the most important things. It's long and rocky, sometimes surprisingly beautiful, and in the end what will we really look back on? Probably the moments when we said F*ck it, and were just completely, unapologetically ourselves.

I'm just waiting for scientists to prove the long term benefits of occasional bouts of total immaturity.

So when I went to visit my friends in Berlin and remembered there is a place with trampolines near my old stomping grounds in Prenzlauer Berg, I had no trouble finding a partner in the venture. Watch us exude elegance and grace with every single movement! Behold the classiness!


Ps: I hope you'll enjoy my new blog and I would really like it to be interactive. So send me any questions you'd like answered here, or suggestions on topics you want to hear more about. Let me know through my contact page on this site, and I'll start writing!

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